Gifts of Love

Have you ever wanted to  give someone a Christmas present that they really needed? A lot of times I find myself struggling to find the perfect gifts for my friends and family because I want them to really love and actually be able to use more than once. Mugs are great gifts because  you just make a rocking’ cup of hot chocolate and then wash and repeat.  Pens are cool gifts because who doesn’t want a new set pens? There are tons of gift ideas for the loved ones in your life but what if you had the opportunity to provide Christmas to someone you didn’t even know? What would you give them? You don’t know if they like hot chocolate or coffee so a mug could be useless to them. What if they are more of a pencil user? Pens wouldn’t work. You don’t know what they look like or what size they are. So what do you give them?

You give them something essential

Stella’s Voice is an organization that I’m growing to love and they give us the opportunity to buy families and children exactly what the need for Christmas. Stella’s Voice strives to be the voice of orphans in Moldova who are in danger of becoming involved in sex trafficking. Moldova has the highest rate of sex trafficking in all of Europe. Boys and Girls “graduate” or age out of orphanages at the age of 16 and they have no source of income or security. Strangers stand outside and offer them housing, security, and jobs that seem to good to be true. And these jobs are because within hours, these precious children are slaves to the human tracking ring. Stella’s Voice provides a safe haven for these orphans to come to so that they can have a life of hope.

We have this beautiful opportunity laid out in front of us to support this precious organization. They are giving us the chance to purchase a week’s worth of firewood, help with bus fare, buy winter coats, and purchase bibles in the native language of Moldova. This is the coolest secret santa that I have found.  While you shop for your Angel Tree children and reminisce about the shoeboxes that you packed, would you consider these sweet people?  

Give the gift of love. Through these gifts, our fellow brothers and sisters gain the opportunity to share how much Christ loves the people of Moldova. They get the chance to show these precious orphans the love of Christ and the beauty of the family of God.

The link below will direct you to their site and will show you all of the opportunities that you have to be involved. 

Click Here to Give the Gift of Love



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