The Strangle of Comparison


Comparison, judgement, and jealousy are my biggest struggles.

There. I said it.  It’s out there.

For the longest time, they were such an incorporated part of my daily life that I didn’t even realize their existence.  It wasn’t until I started asking the Lord to reveal to me the areas in which He needed to strengthen and shape me that I realized how consumed I was with these life- and faith-drainers.

I’ve come to realize that by constantly, often unconsciously,  comparing myself to others, I am creating a standard by which I judge myself.  While I’ve been pursuing a Heavenly standard, I’ve been living by an earthly standard that is determined by the people by whom I’m surrounded and even those I merely see on social media.  How crazy is it that I have such a tendency to create a standard for myself out of a square photo on my iPhone

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