A Prayer For My Future Husband

celia grace

If you are anything like me & the rest of the teenage girls in the country, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours upon hours planning and pinning things for your future wedding. Which seems silly, right? I mean, I don’t even have a boyfriend & yet I have every detail planned right down to the colors, who my bridesmaids are, the location, & everything in between. I’m just missing one minor detail: the guy. That’s what brings me to this post today.

I’ve been taught for as long as my memory will allow to pray for my future husband. That prayer would usually go something like this:

“Lord, please give my future husband a good sense of humor & a heck of a lot of patience because any man of mine is going to need it. I pray he is ready for Reba sing-a-longs and One Tree Hill marathons. I…

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